Flag of the Dominican Republic. The blue represents the liberty gained by the Dominican people. The red represents the sacrifices made by the Dominican people for the creation and sustainability of the country. The white cross represents the union in peace of the different colors and races that makes up the Dominican people. In the center is the Dominican coat of arms which in the middle has a shield, in front of it four Dominican flags with no coat of arms in the center, a Latin cross, and a Bible open to Saint John 8:32 which states “the truth shall make you free.” Above is a blue ribbon with the slogan: God, Country, Liberty. Below is a red ribbon with Dominican Republic. On the left is a branch of Laurel and on the right a palm frond.

In THE DOMINICANS we are dedicated to show various aspects of the Dominicans, the culture and the country; the Dominican Republic.

Our Intent

  • Promote the fundamental values of the Dominican Republic.
  • To expose several aspects of the Dominicans and the Dominican Republic.
  • Create the conditions so the truth is known and respect is given to the existence of the Dominican Republic and the Dominicans.
  • Rescue the legitimate historical memory for future generations and emphasize historical aspects that are unknown or ignored by traditional and contemporary historians.

The Three Founding Fathers of the Dominican Republic

Juan Pablo Duarte (1813 – 1873)
Francisco del Rosario Sánchez (1817 – 1861)
Matías Ramón Mella (1816 – 1864)

Our Inspirations

“The whites, the blacks, the amerindians and the mixed;
Marching serene, daring and united;
Lets save our country from horrible tyrants;
And show the world that we are brothers.”

– Juan Pablo Duarte (1813 – 1876), one of the founders of the Dominican Republic .

“I noticed that memory is fundamental and now that in this country some want to erase its memory and insert a memory that is not the real one, rather an invented memory; we must treat our national memory with care and make it an integral part of the defense of our national and moral values.”

– Marcio Veloz Maggiolo (1936 – 2021), respected Dominican author, archeologist and anthropologist.

“For us, the greatest thing in the world is the Dominican Republic.”

– Rosa Ng (Wu), the voice of the Chinese-Dominican community.

“…The Quisqueya that I love… is my most valued pride and the greatest thing there is…”

– Johnny Ventura (“Nostros somos así” merengue song)

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