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The Paso Rápido logo.

The Dominican Republic has a highway toll plaza similar to Florida’s Sun Pass, Puerto Rico’s AutoExpresso or Spain’s Vial-T. The Dominican program is called Paso Rápido and function in all Dominican government owned toll plazas. In this article we will learn of this system available to all owners of vehicles in the country.

Tolls With Paso Rápido Map

All the toll plazas that offer the Paso Rápido service in the Dominican Republic. The tolls network that offers this service in government owned tolls in highways as in other new tolls created or tolls that belong to a private company highways that the government could acquire

The following are the toll plazas that offer Paso Rápido:

1. Francisco del Rosario Sánchez Highway (RD-2)
2. 6 de Noviembre Higway
3. Prof. Juan Bosch Beltway I
4. Juan Pablo Duarte Highway (RD-1)
5. Prof. Juan Bosch Beltway II
6. Las Américas Highway (RD-3)
7. La Romana Beltway (RD-3)
8. Coral Highway I (RD-3)
9. Coral Highway II (RD-3)
10. Santiago Beltway (RD-1)

All toll plazas owned by the Dominican government are administered by RD Vial. These toll plazas are able to process Paso Rápido which gives the option of using cash (a ver important feature during the Covid-19 Pandemic). In addition, it also offers a substantial reduction in the time it takes to pass through a toll plaza.

Light Vehicles and Heavy Vehicles (vehículos livianos y vehículos pesados)

The 2019 prices at a toll plaza on the Santiago Beltway (RD-1) on type of vehicle. All toll plazas don’t have the same prices. The prices are posted by each lane and doesn’t change if paid with cash (Dominican Pesos only) or Paso Rápido. In some cases a discount is given to users of Paso Rápido.

The words “light vehicles” and “heavy vehicles” has particular definitions based on the categories of vehicles. The meanings are as follows.

Light Vehicles

This category includes vehicles in category 1, which are the following:

  • Cars
  • Pick Ups
  • Sport Utility Vehicles / SUVs
  • Vans

Heavy Vehicles

Included in this term are categories 2, 3, 4 y 5:

  • Buses
  • 2 Axels Vehicles
  • 3 and 4 Axles Vehicles
  • 5 and 6 Axles Vehicles
  • 7 or More Axles Vehicles
Toll plaza on the Santiago Beltway (RD-1). Toll plazas with the ability of processing Paso Rápido havd a scanner similar to this one fixed to the roof. It scans very quickly and invisibly the Paso Rápido TAG on the windshield and deducts the price from your account. Each lane that accepts Paso Rápido has this device.

Sign Types

There are four types of signs on the toll plazas (they don’t all appear in all toll plazas) indicating Paso Rápido is accepted. Each sign also indicates what types of vehicles are allowed in each lane.

Blue signs indicate a heavy vehicle only lane(s) such as trucks. The yellow part indicates that Paso Rápido is accepted, but cash is also accepted (Dominican Peso only).
A green sign indicates a light vehicles only lane and cash is accepted (Dominican Peso only). Also, Paso Rápido is accepted.
A fully yellow sign indicates the it is a Paso Rápido only lane and a heavy vehicles only lane. Cash is not accepted. In general, this lane (or lanes) is on the right side of a toll plaza.
Similar the the previous case, this completely yellow sign indicates that it is a Paso Rápido only lane where cash isn’t accepted, and a light vehicles only lane. In general, this lane (or lanes) is on the left side of a toll plaza.

Account Types

The five benefits of Paso Rápido.

– No need to have cash.
– Helps saving time.
– In the portal [and app] can check the balance of your account.
– Helps avoid traffic jams on cash toll lanes.
– Account can be refilled in toll plazas, CardNet portal, Paso Rápido portal (credit/debit card only), affiliate commerce, and through the iOS/android app (credit/debit card only).

There are four types of Paso Rápido accounts and each comes with a kit (one TAG per kit).


This account can be acquired by a physical person and includes one kit. The TAG can be installed in one vehivcle only.


As the previous one, it can be bought by a physical person. Each account can be acquired by one person, but includes a minimum of 2 kits and a maximum of 10 kits. Each tag is place in one vehicle respectively. As the name of the account suggest, it is appropriate for a family with several vehicles.

Things that should never be done to the Paso Rápido TAG. Any of these things could compromise the proper functioning of the device. Self installation or installation of the TAG by a third party non-Paso Rápido technician invalidates the warranty and could result in damage to the device. If the TAG is installed by a Paso Rápido technician and he test the device and it doesn’t work, a new TAG is installed free of charge.

– Don’t install without a Paso Rápido technician.
– Don’t remove after installation.
– Don’t get it wet.
– Don’t press on it, especially in the middle where the microchip is located.

Small Business

This account can be acquired by a legal person only (formal companies) of very small firms. Each account comes with a minimum 2 kits and a maximum of 15 kits. Each TAG can be i stall in one vehicle respectively.


Similar to the previous account, it is sold to legal people only (formal companies). Each account comes with a minimum of 5 kits and there is no maximum limit. Each TAG is installed in a vehicle with commercial plates.

Information and Sales Points

Temporary Paso Rápido information and sales tents are placed in a parking lot. Notice the Public Works and Comunications (MOPC) mascot.

To get more information (including brochures) of Paso Rápido is quite simple. Temporary tents are located in parking lots, inside particular buildings, etc. They are also sold in various toll plazas administerec by RD Vial, the main office of RD Vial, and in authorized commercial businesses nationwide (Sirena, Farmacia Carol, Farmacias Los Hidalgos, Total gas stations, Texaco gas stations, etc).

The Prof. Juan Bosch Toll Plaza in the province of Santo Domingo. Each toll plazas in the Dominican Republic operate from Monday to Sunday from 6 am to 8 pm. From 8:01 pm to 5:59 am are free.

Something important to note is that the purchase of Paso Rápido kits doesn’t implies that it will function or anything else. It is required the use of a Paso Rápido technician to install the TAG. The kit must be registered and a Paso Rápido portal account must be created. Once all of that is acheived, the Paso Rápido account can be refilled in the portal, in the service points located in the toll plazas, and in the Paso Rápido app in iOS and android. In order to refill the account, the identity number found on the left side of the TAG, under the barcode.

Paso Rápido In The Dominican Republic Video (in Spanish)

Paso Rápido Application

Initial page of the Paso Rápido application available in iOS and android.

The Paso Rápido application for smart phones on android or iOS can be downloaded on Google Plqybor the App Store. One downloaded, the app can be used to check the prices of each toll plaza. It can also be used to refill each account using a credit card, review each accounts balance, each toll you have passed including the date, time, and thecdiscounted amount. In addition, the number of the TAG(s) is aleo shown and other things. The app is completely free.