Ron Barceló and Centro Histórico Ron Barceló


Ron Barceló is one of the most popular rums of the Dominican Republic. It also represents the Dominican Republic around the world as it is one of the most successful exports. This article details certain aspects of the founding and creation of Ron Barceló. It also offers a view at its museum Centro Histórico Ron Barceló (Ron Barceló Historic Center) near San Pedro de Macorís, Dominican Republic.

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Foundation of Ron Barceló

At the entrance is a replica of an trapiche, the old way sugar cane was pressed to produce the much admired liquid that goes into making rum in the Dominican Republic.

The beginning of Ron Barceló initiates with a native of the island of Mallorca of Spain, Julián Barceló. He immigrated to the Dominican Republic in 1929 as a 24 years old. He founded Barceló y Compañía in the following year of 1930 in Santo Domingo. After spending many years introducing several rum blends to the Dominican market, the first two rums with the Ron Barceló brand are presented to the Dominican market: Ron Barceló Blanco and Ron Barceló Dorado. In 1970, Ron Barceló Añejo is added to the portfolio. The best rum created yet is launched to the Dominican market, Ron Barceló Imperial. Within the Dominican Republic it began to rank among the three most consumed rums, a favorite among Dominicans since the 1980’s. Exports of Ron Barceló started in the 90’s and the first market was Spain. By 2006 it was present in 25 countries worldwide and ranked as the most consumed Dominican rum in Spain. Today it has a presence in more than 50 countries.

Panama hats with Barceló Ron Dominicano label for sale at the Centro Histórico Ron Barceló shop.

Distilling of Ron Barceló

The diatilling process of Ron Barceló takes place entirely in the Dominican Republic. This is also the first Dominican rum company that the entire distilling process, from the sugar cane fields to the moment each blend makes it to the bottles, has a green focus. This makes Ron Barceló the most environmently friendly Dominican rum.

Ron Barceló is the first rum distiler in the Dominican Republic that received the prestigious neutral carbon classification and ISO.
Ron Barceló blends are aged for a minimum of one year or 8-10 years in white oak barrels. The barrels were previously used in the United States to age bourbon whiskey. The tropical warm climate of San Pedro de Macorís greatly help in giving the rum its color and distinctive taste.
A manufacturing plant of Ron Barceló where each blend is already bottled and they are placed in their respective boxes.
The labels for each blend of Ron Barceló is mechanically done.
One of Ron Barceló most famous blends, the Barceló Gran Añejo is aged for up to 6 years.

The Location of the Centro Histórico Ron Barceló

Despite Ron Barceló has its headquarters in Santo Domingo, the Centro Histórico Ron Barceló is located near San Pedro de Macorís city in the province of the same name.

The Exterior of the Centro Histórico Ron Barceló

The Centro Histórico Ron Barceló open its doors in 2012 near San Pedro de Macorís. This is the first museum of its kind in the Dominican Republic. The museum design is in the shape of a barrel with an inner courtyard.

One of the most unique signs with a very charateristic barrel on top and five openings for water to sprout creating a relaxing fountain.
The facade of the Centro Histórico Ron Barceló is very unique with glass forming its frontal wall. Little accents such as the grsl grill at the top holding the letters, the two plant filled pots and an old cart wheel adds a sense of personality to what woukd had been a very simple facade.Plus, the warm colors on the sides contrasts nicely with the white border in the front.
An inner courtyard gives visitors a beautiful and atmospheric place for enjoying Ron Barceló under the warm Caribbean sun.

The Interior of the Centro Histórico Ron Barceló

The Centro Histórico Ron Barceló covers the history of rum making, the role of rum in the culture and the distilling process for Ron Barceló. Furthermore, it has a rum tasting area where different delicious Ron Barceló blends are tasted by the visitors and a small shop with plenty of Ron Barceló blends and other Ron Barceló paraphernalia on sale. The most valuable information is offered by live guides who make any visit truly special.

Visitors are welcomed with a delicious sample of Ron Barceló.
The milestones of Ron Barceló are detailed in an elegant display.
A guide explains to visitors the details of producing rum in the past.
After touring the museum depicting the history of Ron Barceló, there is a tasting area where the various blends of Ron Barceló meet the tongue of the visitors.
Part of the shop at the Centro Histórico Ron Barceló.
Barceló Cream blends old rum with cream to produce a delicious rum.

International Accolades

Quality receives great attention at Ron Barceló and it has been the secret in becoming one of the most consumed rums in the Dominican Republic.

Ron Barceló has received many recognitions through the years due to its excellent blends both in the Dominican Republic and abroad. Among these are the following international recognitions of Ron Barceló Imperial.

  • Best aged rum by the Miami Rum Festival in 2013.
  • Best in the class by the International Rum Festival in 2008.
  • Top ranking rum in the BTI (many times).
The most exclusive blend is the Ron Barceló Imperial Premium Blend 30 Aniversario. It has won many international accolades including voted as the best rum in the world for two consecutive years.

In addition, the Ron Barceló Imperial Premium Blend 30 Aniversario has been awarded the following in international circles.

  • Gold award by the Miami Rum Festival in 2013.
  • Double-gold award by the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Ron Barceló Giving Back to the Community

Through a limited production, Ron Barceló is the first Dominican rum company that produces an organic blend.

The establishment and subsequent growth of Ron Barceló meant that it had an impact in Dominican society. This impact wasn’t limited to the creation of hundreds of job opportunities and becoming an international brand synonimous with Dominican quality, but the company founded several not-for-profit organizations meant to further improve and promote different aspects of the Dominican Republic.

  • The Pro-Foresta Foundation: Founded in 1983, it offers funds to ecological research and studies.
  • The Pro-Health Foundation: Founded in 1989, it supplies much needed aids to several public hospitals in Santo Domingo.
  • The Pro-Sports Foundation: Founded in 1990, it promotes the further development of sports such as basketball, baseball, softball, etc in the Dominican Republic. It also offers extra assistance to the Dominican Olympic Committee.
  • The Pro-Culture Foundation: Founded in 1990, it sponsors concerts concerning the symphony in Santo Domingo, in addition to other musical concerts by popular Dominican and international singers, publication of books, educational programs, etc.
  • The Pro-Tourism Foundation: Founded in 1990, promotes tourism-focused community projects and the formation of human resources for the sector.
Ron Barceló: “Calidad todo el tiempo” (Ron Barceló: All the time with excellent quality).